Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion

Dears, I've finally been published for the whole world to see. Ok, ok, it's not exactly my first time to be published, but it is definitely the first time my personality has shown itself in my work.

I was first approached by the nice gentlemen of to write for the female perspective on their website that covers University of Memphis Athletics and the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team. As an avid lover of basketball and anything U of M related, how could I say no?

And the best part is, I have a section humbly titled "Why My Coach is Hotter Than Your Coach." 

Click here to check it out. Hope you enjoy it :)


1 comment:

theluckiestmrs said...

How fun! I loved your perspective & I think you're totally right! haha...too cute! When Mr was on his away rotation in Memphis, his cousin was laughing about how the female audience was going to dramatically increase due to the "hot coach!" ;)