Friday, January 29, 2010

Lucky 8's

I stole borrowed this tag from my friend over at Tickled Pink, and I thought it would be fun to let ya'll know me a little bit better. Hope you enjoy and feel free to do one yourself!

8 TV Shows I Watch: 
Grey's Anatomy (newly addicted thanks to a friend...I'm only on season 3! ha)
LOST (final season = bittersweet/ I better have answers!)
True Blood
One Tree Hill (I know, I know...but I started watching it wayyyy back when and I would like to know what eventually happens)

8 Favorite Places to Eat and Drink:
Cheesecake Factory
Mi Pueblo (best Mexican food in Northern MS)
My Gran's house (seriously, that woman can COOK)
Lenny's Subs
Muddy's Bake Shop
The Half Shell
McAlister's Deli
Olive Garden
8 Things I Look Forward To:
Finally getting my computer back from the shop
Visiting my two nieces, Ava Grace and Autumn Marie
Valentine's Day with my dad :) since BF has to work
Getting my diploma mailed to me so I can frame that sucker
Warmer weather in Memphis
Getting my hair done
Getting money back from taxes (YES!)
Watching the final season of Lost that begins on Tuesday

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
Spent part of the day being lazy in bed with my husky, Aspen
Planned a workout that didn't happen
Went to the Memphis Zoo with the BF
Went to eat at Mi Pueblo with the BF
Used my new MAC shadestick in "Warm and Cozy" (loves it)
Finished the season 2 finale of Grey's Anatomy (I know, I know...I'm sooooooo behind)
Argued with the BF (it happens haha)
Caught up with reading all my lovely blogger buddies posts

8 Things I Love About Winter: 
Cute scarfs
Leggings under dresses
Living in the South where getting out of school happens when we "think" snow is coming
Freshly brewed coffee
Not having to keep up with a tan
I'm very hot natured (enough said)

8 Things on My Wish List: 
Canon Powershot Camera SD780 with 12.1 MP
The Love List to do a blog design makeover
Dogeared Karma necklance
"Hey Now" Blowfish Boots
Hunter Wellies
Express Seam-Back Microtwill Pants

8 Things I'm Passionate About: 
My God
My family
My friends
My boyfriend
My work
My blog
My shopping addiction
My collection of MAC makeup (sadly very true)

8 Words/Phrases I Use Often:
"Shut your mouth! Are you serious??"
"I mean, really?!"
"O. M. G."
"Hey, sugar" (to Aspen)
"....insert sarcasm here..."
"That reminds me of something Ava Grace does...."
"That reminds me of something Autumn Marie does...."
"Don't call me Beech" (inside joke with BF)

8 Things I've Learned From the Past:
I think my life would be a whole lot different if Taylor Swift songs would have come out when I was in high school.
You will learn how great it is to forgive others now when it comes your turn to be forgiven.
Thank God for unanswered prayers.
Spend every minute you have with those you love.
To be a good writer you must read good writing.
Best friends will fight. It's how you make up that makes you best friends.
If you are a good person and you work hard, you will get recognized for what you do.
God knows what He's doing...just trust Him. :)

8 Things I Currently Want/Need: (I figured this was the same as a "Wish List" but...)
Memphis Tigers to go to the NCAA championship
The Saints to beat the Colts
13" Macbook Pro
More MAC makeup
A new bottle of Moroccan Oil (that's def a need)
More Tassimo discs (open for flavor suggestions!) 
More shampoo and conditioner (what do ya'll use??)


I also noticed that January 23 was my first ever blog. Can't believe to think that a year ago I started this baby, and although it was just for a simple grade in a public relations class, I can't thank my professor enough for introducing me to blogger. :)


tickledpink said...

Love your list and I also love OTH! I miss Peyton and Lucas! I wish we had a Cheesecake Factory-yum!

Gem said...

What a great tag, I'm off to do this on my blog right now!

Courtney Michelle said...

Great list! I'm totally going to do this on my blog! (but I'll definitely give you the credit for the great idea! :)

Juliana said...

I just love this list and getting to know other bloggers more!

New follower. Come by and follow back if you would like. Happy Valentines Day! oxoxox Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog