Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dang, DWTS, let's be harsh!

Ok, granted last night's Dancing With the Stars wasn't the most stellar thing I've seen in previous seasons, but I will give the dancers credit with it being their first appearance. I mean with Pamela "dancing" looking more like it's missing a pole or Jake twirling to Kiss From a Rose (I mean, deadgum....ABC needs to quit putting roses with that dude.), I think they did pretty ok for their first time on the dance floor.

Ok, let me rephrase that...SOME did pretty good for their first time on the dance floor. Like for instance:

1. Erin Andrews
Although she looked somewhat like Big Bird's little sister in that dress, I think she did a really sweet job dancing the Cha Cha. Or maybe I just want her big hair and flawless tan....

2. Nicole Scherzinger
I don't think you could be a Pussycat doll (especially the lead singer) if you didn't have SOME moves in your system. Wasn't a surprise, but I still loved the moves.



ChatTeaKathy said...

I agree. Erin and Nicole did a phenom job!

Brittnei said...

Augh! I haven't got to watch it now. Heading over there now! Let's hope it's posted :)

tickledpink said...

I thought Erin did a great job too! She has incredible hair, and I bet she will go pretty far in the competition! Pam acted like she was on something. I felt like I needed to close my eyes because I was watching something really bad! Nicole was good, and I have to say Kate looked good even though she was stiff during her whole dance. Evan I think is handsome and great!