Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do terrible twos morph to know-it-all threes?

This past weekend my sweetheart of a niece, Ava Grace turned 3 years old. My sister and I used our combined craftiness to create a one-of-a-kind Princess Mermaid themed party. Here are some of the pictures I took (with my sister's own camera of course):

The mermaid backdrop
The homemade mermaid cake. The barbie was just rolled in fruit rollups but her fins ended up flopping by the time the cake was cut.

The lovely fish pinata
And Ava taking a whack out of it  :)
Homemade fish sugar cookies
And I can't forget my mom with baby sis, Autumn Marie. My sister dressed her in a smocked bubble to match with her sister's birthday theme
And last but not least, the beautiful birthday girl!

I think I was too busy/sweaty/excited to take any pictures with the birthday girl that day...but trust me, I looked like a wreck. Better that I left those out! :)

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