Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Need a New Computer

No, seriously.
I physically NEED a new computer.
Wonder why?

Or more specifically this.

And remember on my first vlog where I was telling you my computer was janky?

Yep, that's my computer being supported by a fruit bowl AND my purse. You know, so the screen will not fall flat on the table. 
And no, I did not drop my computer. It was my senior year of college and one day after opening up my Dell, the bottom right corner of the screen frame popped out. I thought no big deal, and popped it back in. 
Oh, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

So now I need your help. What computer do YOU use? Do you like it? I want to get a great account of what is good out there, before I drop a grand on just buying the holy grail of computers and get a Mac. 



Erica said...

MacBook Pro. It is all that is wonderful. I love it in every way. It is like my child. And it comes with at a one year warranty, and you can buy a longer warranty. and YOu can also go and get free advice at apple if need be :)

Lindsay @ My Happily Ever After said...

I have a MacBook, which I got 2 years ago for Christmas. It is like a child to me. I freak out if anyone gets their beverage to close to it, god forbid they should spill on my precious Mac. I love it. Beats my old Dell by 34593459486%

Whitney said...

Well, I have been coveting a MacBook Pro for a while now. I have a Toshiba and it does it's job, but I'm in serious need of an upgrade. Also, I used to have an HP and they are NOTORIOUS for having problems with their motherboard, so if you purchase one of those darlings then make sure to get the extended warranty.