Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Live Music Jams

I really do not go to as many concerts as I should.
I will see the fliers, forget about upcoming performances, and then become jealous of everyone who says they are here or they went to see so and so.
I came to realize this last week when I went to see Sara Bareilles.
I'll admit.
My friends talked me into this one.
I thought of ONE song I liked of hers and it definitely was not the "not gonna write you a love song." (Thank you Kristen D. and Erica for forever making me despise that song. Yes, it is quite catchy the first 52 times...not so much after 167.)
But I still went because, hey, I wanted to go out with the girls.
Oh man, I loved it.
I even drank enough to sing a couple of "love song" notes.
She then did a cover of Mumford and Sons' "Little Lion Man," and I freaked.

Speaking of Mumford, I'll be seeing them, Amos Lee and Avett Brothers at Music Fest this
Perfect timing for my live music jamming revelation.

Until next time, enjoy.


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SouthernBelleJM said...

I'm so J:( I want to see them, but I have to work Saturday. You'll have to tell me how it was!