Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fitness Update

Ok, I know, I know. I told y'all that this was not going to become a weight loss blog.
But in reality, I'm pretty darn proud of myself.
I've lost 9 and a half pounds in the two weeks since the weigh in that shook everything up.

And I sure you are curious as to how I did it. 
It was because of Pure Barre and the My Fitness Pal app on my phone. 

I thought it would be slightly annoying to catalog everything I eat in a day, but because this app has nearly every food, restaurant dish and brand already programed in the search bar, I found that I made better choices toward what I would eat. 
Friends want to go eat at XYZ restaurant? I would just scroll through the options to find out what the best choice I could make while I was there.  

So that's how I did it, PB 3-4 times a week and counting calories. 
Well, and the fact that I cut out cokes completely for the exception of two that I had while on vacation on the beach. 
If I knew it would be this simple, I would have done this a whole heck of a lot sooner. 

On another note, are you like me and wish that the FDA proposal would pass so it would be the law that all restaurants must have their calorie intake on all the menus? 
I don't think it would necessarily deter people from eating the food, but for those who do want to count calories and indulge every once in awhile can at least know how much they are eating.



Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

I'm always so shocked when I pull that app up at restaurants - things that look healthy are sometimes TERRIBLE! I always ordered the fiesta grilled chicken or whatever its called at Chili's... That bad boy has about 1400 calories!

Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

And you managed to lose weight AND be on vacation? You're my hero :)

Christin said...

My BIL manages a Cheesecake Factory in CA, and they had to start including caloric content. He said it hasn't affected sales. He also said some SLICES of cheesecake have over 2K calories.

CMae said...

I am SUPER jealous! Congrats on the Nine LBS!! Rock on! I just want to lose FIVE!! ahhhh I have given up soda for a year now, you won't regret it. Your body will thank you. it's really really bad for you. I did a huge post on it last year.

I would totally take Pure Barre classes but my guy says one single class costs as much as our gym membership! :(

Keep up with posting your progress! I like knowing your success!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Congrats on the 9lbs - thats wonderful!Keep up the hard work :)