Friday, September 14, 2012

five things about my fiance', Cory

Lets talk about Cory. 

You know, you would think that after dating someone for six years, getting engaged, and all that jazz would have rendered me into mentioning Cory a lot more on my blog. I don't know why he's been hidden in the background for all this time, and sure, he's been in photos and I've mentioned him on here, but I've finally come to realize he deserves a little spotlight put on him every once in awhile. 

I'll become Mrs. B in three weeks. (woah.)
Here's what I'm getting myself into... ;) 

1. He has a twin, and his name is John Krasinski.
Now, am I really the only one who sees this? 
C thinks I'm crazy to say he looks like Jim from the Office. 
And I may have told our hair stylist (yes, I got him to go to the same girl as me!) to not cut too much of his hair so he can achieve that John K messy do...ok, ok, maybe it is just me.

2. He's an aircraft mechanic. 
Some may have already know this, but in a nut shell, my dude went to school to work on airplanes. 
He is extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of planes, how the operate, and he's steadily pointing out different models as they're flying about. I find myself in awe when I get him to tell me what he did for work that day. 

3. Cory is a good ole southern boy.
Because you know, a southern gal like me has to have her gun toting man's man by her side...who on occasion blows things up in the backyard as you can tell...and still manages to clean himself up nicely for when we go out on dates. Seriously, he sometimes puts more thought and attention to his clothing than I do. ha  

And for those who were curious about the photo, those are haystacks ravished by his AK47..

4. He can make this girl laugh. 
And yes, he really wants our first dance to be to Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is."

and lastly...

5. Cory has taken a job in Mobile, Alabama, and come October (or sooner!), we will officially start our newlywed status together in a different state.

Did not see that one coming, did you? Well, to be honest, neither did we. 
Bring on the adventure!!



ginastorm said...

Congratulations on Cory's new job! I lived in Mobile for quite a few years and it's a great city. Many, many, many great places to eat.

Stephanie said...

I lived in Mobile for 6 years (5 years of college and one year after). Great city! My husband grew up there. Amazing seafood. Best wishes to you!

Erica Elia said...

Wow you will be living in my city!!! Let me know if you have any questions!! Erica