Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: September Birchbox

Well, ladies, this month is my last month reviewing Birchbox.
My year long subscription Cory gifted me is up, and lucky for me,
 it ended on a good note with their "September Issue."
Here's the goods:

The Brush Guard | Variety Kit
I think this is very clever. Half the time I just throw my makeup brushes in my bag without a second glance. 
This way, they can keep their shape and stay clean while I'm traveling.

La Fresh | Instant Body Soother
I wish I had these while I was traveling back and forth to Houston..waking up for two  6:30 am flight seriously wiped me out. The cloths are infused with six different oils to relax and refresh.

Dr. Jart+ | Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+
I really wish I was a beauty balm fan, but they just do not give me enough coverage to my liking. 

twistband | Birchbox Custom Lace Hair Tie
Y'all already know from my love of their first twistband they gave me, that I was thankful for another. 
These are the only hair ties I use now. 

boscia | Purifying Cleansing Gel
I'm so happy I got to try this since I'm in love with boscia's Black Mask Peel.
This reminded me of all those sulfate free cleansers. Really soft, doesn't lather.
But not very good for removing my layer of makeup everyday. I'll still stick to my Dove bar.

Color Club | Birchbox Custom Polish "Put a Pin In It"
Inspired by the Fall 2012 collections, the polish color was the first thing that caught my eye. 
I really love the shade. I would call it almost a mix between champagne and rose gold.

My Overall Review of Birchbox
Besides the annoying amount of hand creams I have received over the past year, I really did enjoy my Birchbox subscription, and I am more than likely going to be jealous when I see another box review on some of y'all blogs next month. 

Would I suggest it? 
Completely! I've spent $10 on worse things. But I will warn you if you are hesitant. Not every month is going to be this amazing month of amazing goods. Take it from will get a few too many hand creams. And that's ok. Things like a $14 amazing razor and your new favorite lip balm will make up the difference. 


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