Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding DIY: Getaway Ribbon Wands

My original dream of a wedding getaway was running through a aisle of friends holding sparklers, but that vision was crushed when the Woodruff-Fontaine House notified me that it has a huge fire hazard. 
Well, the house is nearly 150 years old, after all. 
So I had to come up with something to please both the venue and myself. 
And trust me, I adamantly refuse to be pelted by bird seed...ouch.

What You Need:
- 12 inch dowels 
- 18 mm jingle bells
- jewelry wire
- hot glue
- various colored ribbon

1. I used the jewelry wire to string and tightly wrap each jingle bell on the ends of the dowels and secured it with a drop of hot glue. The glue is just to make sure the wire doesn't slide around. 

2. For the wands, I chose coral, grey, and champagne gold ribbon and cut them into roughly 15 inch strips. *Helpful Hint: By unrolling my ribbon, folding it in half over and over, and then snipping the looped ends, I was able to make sure none of my ribbon was wasted. 

3. Because the grey was twice as thick as the gold and coral ribbon, I used 1 part grey to two parts gold and coral on each wand. I read many a tutorial that suggested hot gluing the ribbon to the dowel, but I looped a knot at the end and it was secure, so to each his own.

Although I ran out of ribbon before I could finish all of my wands, I went back to the craft store and bought a roll of lace to add into the fold. I adore the vintage look. :)

Now I'm curious! How did you make your wedding getaway?



angie said...

what a fantastic idea! i'm getting married in november and have yet to plan my wedding getaway!

Kate said...

We wanted Sparklers too, but ran into the same "issue" with our Reception Venue. That's when I turned to Etsy and bought ribbon wands - although now looking at your blog post, I wish I would of made them!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Pretty wands! They really are so beautiful! My venue shut out my sparkler idea too so I considered making wands but ended up ordering some biodegradable confetti in my wedding colors, and put them in our give-aways which were personalized color changing cups.

-Pretty blog! I'm visiting from Everything Emily's blog :)

cndnlson said...

You know I love them! I may be a little bias since I had them as my getaway too! :)

Valerie Griffin said...

These are GORGEOUS, Whit! :)

Glitterista said...

I love the pictures with ribbon wands! What a great idea to use bells as well. :)