Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OOTD...yeah, right.

I always wanted to take all of these cute little Outfit of the Day posts like how some of my favorite bloggers do virtually everyday, but one thing has always gotten in my way..

I'm truggin' 95% of the time.

Level 99 boyfriend trousers, Eloise camisole, Target cardigan, and the smirk of not having a care in the world

The problem is when I look halfway decent, I feel like too much a goofball to ask someone to take my photo.

Anyone else have the problem too?



Valerie Griffin said...

you're so pretty! i really need to sit down sometime soon and catch up on your blog! maybe this afternoon while my students are at PE! :) haha

Emily said...

I completely agree!!!!!!! My new job has forced me to "dress up" way more than my nanny job....but my husband leaves for work before me...and I feel like my mirror pictures always look silly. haha.

love your cardigan, btw!