Wednesday, December 2, 2009

25 Days of Shopping

I've decided that instead of making a wishlist of everything I could possibly want this year for my friends and family, I would instead muse everyone by making a 25 Days of Shopping Countdown for Christmas. Since the idea hasn't hit me until today I will post 2 awesome products that I'm sure any classy gal would enjoy. :)
Where would a girl do with out her planner? I personally LOVE the MyAgenda which comes in an array of colors and you can also personalize them.

Right now they are also carrying free shipping, and for all the dutiful mothers or hardcore babysitters in your life, you can also get the MomAgenda version, which comes with child specific sections.

One of my favorite holiday movies would just happen to be named "The Holiday." I love all of Cameron Diaz's clothes and her cute hairstyle (which I could NEVER pull off!). But from the moment it caught my eye, I wanted the necklace she wears in the beginning of the movie with her white pajamas. Called the Shake Necklace by Renee Lewis, it can be summed up in two words: stunning and unique. But unless you want to spend the $12,000 it costs, I found an equally beautiful one at Stella Sheen called the Bebbre Shake Necklace.

What's great about this particular necklace is that it can be custom designed with whomever you have in mind and only a fraction of the Renee Lewis price! Below is an example:

Happy Shopping,

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