Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Continued Christmas Shopping

Sorry I've been away for so long, ya'll. Finals are just around the corner AND I'm about to graduate! With that being said, I want to continue my 25 Days of Christmas Shopping blog, and I've found some great gifts in the meantime.

Anyone who loves to tease hair has just found their new best friend - the Battalia Celcon Teasing Comb 806. A big name to go with your big hair. It's 3 prong format lets you add extra lift with ease. And I found mine for only $8 at my hair salon = STEAL!

I love these "Hey Now" Blowfish Boots for jazzing up a pair of skinny jeans on the days I just want to go a little more casual. Super comfy and come with a hidden zipper on the inside...just in case you thought I would really button up all those buttons each time I wear them.

I love this show. Enough said. Unfortunately for the fans who agree with me, the official last season is airing February 2010. Watch the first series, and I guarantee you will be hooked with all the twists and turns!

I've already told you about this miracle product before (HERE), and I still continue to use it to this day. Moroccan Oil has seriously saved my hair and gets rid of my frizz without leaving a greasy, "need to wash my hair again" feeling. Love it and all other Moroccan Oil products.

Happy Shopping,

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