Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last of Christmas Shopping Countdown!

Ok, ok, so I'm very a little late on  keeping up with my Christmas countdown shopping blog. At least I do have the excuse of just recently graduating! So, please forgive me of my tardiness, but in the meantime I have found some of the latest gifts even the latest of buyers would be interested in. Enjoy!

MAC Cosmetics "Morning, Noon, and Knight" Everything Eye Brushes Kit is perfect for the makeup lover such as myself. Includes all brushes needed to create a soft, daytime eye and the sultry, smoky eyes for a night look.  

I found these Nick and Nora owl pajamas at Target a couple of weeks back, and I love them! So cute and comfortable.

When someone says fingerless gloves, most people think of a man riding his Harley with leather not the deal with these beauties! As an avid texter, I need something that will keep my hands warn yet won't make me take them off every 5 seconds in between texts. That's where Free People's "Doubs Fingerless" gloves help! These are adorable and come in different colors: grey (shown), black, red and eggplant.

True Blood season 1 on DVD. You will get addicted. Enough said.

Definitely my favorite magazine, any women who loves crafting, cooking or simple tricks to maintaining a home will love a subscription to this.

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas, ya'll!

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Amelia Catherine said...

oooo I hope that MAC brush set is what I get for Christmas! I definitely asked for one!! and of course I LOVE those pjs!!