Friday, December 4, 2009

4th day of Christmas Shopping!

Coming home to work today, I was suprised by an array of gifts that were in the living room with MY name on them. :) That's when I remembered that because (sadly) I am going to alum soon from Phi Mu, I will also be receiving "secret sister" gifts until our Alumnae ceremony this Sunday night. I already could tell my first secret sis would be my very own little sister, Caroline, because, well, I just know! haha

One of my gifts would definately be something I would want to share with ya'll, or anyone who also shares a deep love for anything Lilly Pulitzer.

Tada! The Lilly Pulitzer Address and Phone Book in the "Yeah Baby" print. So cute for tallying all my addresses in one sweet place, which will definately help me with sending gifts for future holidays and birthdays.

Happy Shopping,

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