Friday, November 12, 2010

Day Twenty: Nicknames

FINALLY! I was wondering if this whole 30 day experiment would get out of it's funk for depressing topics. Now on to the happy stuff again.

Nicknames. I have quite a few of them. Maybe I should give them to you in chronological order. 

1. Boo Boo - given to me by my dear, sweet sister. Long store short, I was a surprise to both of my parents...oh well, what the heck, my entire family didn't see me coming. Michelle will still call me that to this day. Even my youngest niece who resembles me has now been deemed this nickname.
2. Whitzy - pet name given to me by my dad and I'm thinking that no matter what age, I will always be called this by him
3. Legs - Now, don't get read this wrong. That one was given to me while playing varsity soccer in high school. I was tall. I ran a lot for midfield. I was named Legs. Done and done.
4. Babydoll - only when Cory is feeling extra special does he bust this gem out
5. Whit - probably the most predictable one of them all, but I'm rarely called Whitney anymore


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