Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Product Curiousity: Tape Hair Extensions

Y'all, I think I've found my answer to my mid length hair woes....tape hair extensions.
Have any of you heard of these? I hear they are the new hair rave.

Tape hair extensions are panels of hair with a piece of clear tape along the seam. You attached two separate pieces of an extension to a thin line of your own hair creating a sandwich effect. When layered on it can add length and thickness. 

Here's some pro's I've gathered together:
- no use of salon to attach extensions
- relatively inexpensive
- lasts from 1-3 months
- unnoticeable from the typical look of extensions
- can style like your normal hair

The only con I could find would be that they do not last that long, they are not recommended for super thick hair, and they could bring damage to the original hair, but in reality that's the price you pay when you use any extensions. When I had mine taken out, I was shedding for days and had ubber thin hair for all the shedding.

What to y'all think? Worth the fuss or forget it??

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