Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day Twenty-Three: Favorite Vacation

I've never backpacked through Europe.
Or even gone out of the country.
I've never ventured to New York City (yet).
Or really been anywhere up the northeast coast.
But I have been on some pretty rad vacations.
My favorite being in Nashville during Thanksgiving with my family. 
We stayed at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel, and rarely once did we actually leave. I mean, why would we? Everything we needed or possible want was IN THE BUILDING. Sigh...
My dad, the avid garden enthusiast, asked around to find out more about the lights decorating the property. From what he could figure out they employee a team just to put up the lights every year which can take several months to finish. It was beautiful to look at to say the least. 

This is the part of the hotel I stayed in called the Cascades. Although the weather was chilly outside, I could trug around these parts all day and never worry about wearing a jacket. 

I wish I could share some of the actual pictures I took from that year...unfortunately all those photos were lost with my stupid camera (tip - never click on reformat on your camera). At least I have the memories.


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