Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Obsession: Pure Barre

Recently I participated in the greatness that is Pure Barre. I first heard about it through Twitter, and it intrigued me to hear women using techniques from ballet, Pilates and weigh lifting to get these amazing results. They also have a blog, which also had me wanting more.

When I walked in for my first session, I was greeted by an amazingly sweet, VERY TONED  woman who showed me the ropes. I took my shoes off at the door; socks would be worn from then on out. I was given a medicine ball, a stretch tube, and a set of weights. For 55 minutes, I stretched, pulled, lifted, and burned every muscle in my body. And for a pleasant surprise, the time flew by. Now since I'm not a professional, I can't exactly explain what I actually did for the exercises, but I can say many moves were reminiscent of my days on the ballet bar. 

Long story short, I will be coming back.

Now for the reason I wrote this whole post -- first timer tips and tricks!
1. Buy the Pure Barre socks. I wish I did the first 30 seconds of the workout. Unfortunately at first the $12 price tag kept me away, but I soon realized why all 25 women in my class wore them; they have little grippers on the bottoms to keep you from sliding all over the place. Which I started doing once we began...
2. Wear the proper attire. Your legs have to be covered and you can't come in wearing just a sports bra. No shoes, just socks. That part I don't mind. I didn't want to see everyone's rock hard abs anyways.
3. You don't have to be a work out guru to do this. But it is hard. If you think you are going to come in and do a couple of squats in front of the mirrors and stretch your legs, you are wrong. When I got tired, I took a small millisecond break, and my teacher was ok with that.
4. Be on time. Anyone who follows me on twitter knows I was 5 minutes late to my first class because of traffic, and I was prompted to reschedule. Once the doors are closed, they are closed until the next class.
5. Be aware of the prices. Lord knows I would find an exercise regimine that I actually like, and it would be expensive. Mine charges $20 single classes and $179/month for a year membership (with of course other different packages in between).

Have any of y'all done Pure Barre? What do you think?

Bible Verse, Day Two - Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."



Shasta Anne said...

I am so jealous. I wish wish wish that Spokane had Pure Barre. There is nothing even close to PB here. I would say PB and people would prob say "You mean PBR? Pabst Blue ribbon?" pfff Congrats on finding a routine that you enjoy!

Emily said...

Spokane Barre is opening this summer downtown! Like us on Facebook for great deals!

LA said...

Attended my first class two days ago and am heading out the door to class #2 this morning. I'm hooked!

Anonymous said...

@shasta anne I know this comment is from awhile ago, but Spokane has a PB now! Next to the valley mall, come check it out :)