Saturday, October 1, 2011

How To: Maintain Your Blowout

It's this simple.
Yep, that's my hair on the top of my head, coiled around a velcro roller, and pinned with one industrial strength/extra large bobby pin.
And I sleep in it.  
Looking like a sumo wrestler.
When I wake up (looking like a troll), my hair is bouncy, full, and gives me that little curl to the tips of my hair that I fancy so much. 
This is probably as close as I'm going to get to having Kate Middleton's hair. 
Interesting enough, my dear momma taught me this while in high school. She said this is they way all the girls did their hair back then (when of course, they weren't shoving it in a pillow case and having a friend take a hot iron to it...except my mom was a rebel. She didn't use a pillow case). 
Oh, and can you notice that I have ZERO frizz in the photos? It's because that Aquage I was talking about in my vlog video ended up being da bomb . com.

It left my hair frizz free all day, made it tease easier, and left it feeling full and soft without weighing it down or making it feel like I had a gallon of hair spray stuck in it.
Go get you some. 

What do you do to maintain a blowout?


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Dayna Leigh said...

Do you pile all your hair up on that one velcro roller? Is your hair dry when you do it or is it wet? I have a lot of hair and it looks like you do as well! Generally, I have to blow dry my hair, flat iron it, and then put hot rollers in it for it to not frizz and pouf throughout the day, it's a nightmare getting ready so I'm always looking for something a lot easier.