Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DIY: Love Canvas

As you call know, my sweet friend, Jen Marie, over at Southern Belle is getting married in less than a couple of weeks. (Can't believe it's almost here, JM!!!)
I wanted to make her something special and one of a kind, so when I found this inspiration on Pinterest I knew I found something perfect.
And it was much too easy to make. 

The Pinterest photo called for wooden letters, but these "thicker" foam stickers were much easier (and cheaper!) to work with. Along with a canvas and a pearly spray paint, you have all the supplies you need.
To make an even shape for the heart, I used a piece of printer paper which I free handed one side of the heart, then used it to trace light dashes with a pencil, and flipped it over to mirror the other side. It's ok if you have too many pencil marks. You're going to end up spray painting over it anyways.
Now comes the fun part! Using the stickers, I arranged them at random on the canvas while still keeping in mind the tracing of the heart shape I did earlier. Because Jen Marie is a sucker for history and especially European history and literature, I added in an amore just to personalize it for her. :) And last but not least I added in their wedding date for the two love birds. 
I finished it up with a good coat of spray paint. Instead of white like the picture suggested, I used a pearly silver.  
All done and ready to go! I hope Jen Marie liked it as much as I did!



Erica said...

Holy cow, I had the idea of making this for my next married friend as well haha, and I thought about using love in a couple of different languages as well! It turned out great, I love it!

SouthernBelleJM said...

yup loved it:) waiting to be hung in our guest room! matched perfectly!!!!