Sunday, April 1, 2012

March photo of the...errr, not really... {25-31}

Remember that downward spiral I had last week for March's photo of the day?
Yeah, it trickled down all over this week too. 

I did, however, take at least one Instagram photo a day. :)
Just not the way, errr, it was originally planned.

day 25: breakfast
I can now enjoy my morning cup of joe with a little gift my boss gave me this week. :)

day 26: key
I got a much needed manicure with OPI's Tropical Punch.
Trust nails looked like a 1980's French manicure.

day 27: your name
A face full of NARS.
Lola Lola on the lids & Mexican Rose on the lips.

And to be honest, I forgot about the rest of the days after that...
So no trash, feet, toy, and where you relax. Bummer.  

Here's what I took instead. :)

Having a Yolo right across the street from where you work can certainly be a problem.
A good problem!

And working down the street from City Hall Cheesecake can be an even more difficult problem.

My skirt's charms pays a little homage to my fiance'. 
And after the week of sweets I've had, I'm frankly surprised I can still fit into it!  

And lastly, I found a new planner.
It wasn't the print I wanted, 
but knowing that I desperately need one and it was a whopping $10, I couldn't say no.

Happy Palm Sunday, y'all!!
(and April Fools'... ;) )



Valerie Griffin said...

your makeup looks GORGEOUS in pic 27! love!

& that cheesecakes! ah! i want some right now!

Corianne said...

You have the cutest pics! I may have to find you on Instagram :)

Your blog is so cute, too... I'm following!