Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday's Weekday Happies

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, 
you already know that Cory's sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Wesley Daniel, last night. 
Y'all, I knew I had to hurry to take this photo considering Cory is so nervous when holding little babies. 
Bless his heart! 
But something tells me that little Wes will be hanging off his Uncle Cory in no time at all. :)

Domino is back!
If you haven't read Domino, I seriously suggest you run out and grab a copy.
Next to Real Simple and Vanity Fair, it's one of my favorite magazines.
After disappearing a few years ago, it's now back as a biannual you can find at Target or Home Depot. 
Latest manicure color - Essie's Mint Candy Apple
I'm not sure if it's the packaging that is making me love Essie more than OPI right now
or the fact that my subconscious saying it lasts longer on my nails, but regardless I'm loviing it.

I may be the only one out there who is looking forward to this movie, but I don't care.
Johnny Depp. Tim Burton. 1970's.
Count. Me. In.

Same goes for this one too.

I've been pouring over my Pushing Daisies dvds, and every time I do, I 
1. pout a little inside and 
2. think, "WHY was this show canceled?1?" 
Every. Single. Time.

This was the show that introduced me to Kristen Chenoweth before her Glee and GCB days.
She's as hilarious in this as she is now. 

I found this stamp at Archivers to remind me of my Phi Mu days.
For the rest of time I'll be pointing out quatrefoils.

This book has me written all over it.
It's now on my wish list.

And this little nugget goes by June Claire, and she is the daughter of one of my good friends.
Can you believe that hair at 5 months?? She hasn't lost a single lock since she was born. 
Every time I see her, I want to take her home and claim her as my own. :)

What has you happy this week?


Valerie Griffin said...

congrats on cute baby Wesley, Aunt Whit! He is precious!

p.s. My husband just said last night how excited he is about Dark Shadows! We laugh every time we watch a preview! :)

Ashley @ Places To Go, Things To Buy said...

Oh what a cutie!! And you're not the only one who wants to see those movies....every time the Johnny Depp one comes on my husband says he wants to see it and I can't wait to see the snow white one!

Lindsey said...

Hi June Claire, I am going to steal you! OMG, that face and that hair. So presh. And how cute is your man with that baby? I love that he was nervous. haha

LOVE mint nails. Newest obsession and Kristen is HILAR. She makes me LOL! And can I be as tiny as her please???