Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wedding: my "fine" china

Anthropologie's Fleur de Lis dinnerware

Anthropologie's Lotus dinnerware

Call me crazy, but I've always went against the grain when it comes to the traditional fine china. Instead of choosing a china pattern, I chose two styles that Cory and I could have for both entertaining and daily use. 
Now I need Anthropologie to jump on the wedding registry wagon!

What are your thoughts on wedding china?



Valerie Griffin said...

these are both so pretty!

(Jonathan and I didn't register for china!)

Erica said...

I love that you are doing this! I am with you, I know I will go against the grain when it comes to fine China as well (when I get married in the next 20 years ;) ) haha. I love both of those!!! Ahh I am just so excited about everything in general, can't wait for all the celebrations to get started!

Lauren@ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

Those are both beautiful! I love them! We didn't register for fine china either. The kind of entertaining we do calls for a hybrid of the two like you did, or even some gold old Chinette paper plates :) We figured if we got fine china it would just collect dust. Good choice!

southernbellejm said...

I love the fleur-de-lis ones!!!!!

Kristen said...

I love them both! I am the same way - when I got married I only registered for nice everyday dishes instead of fine china. I figure if we ever do want china in the far future, we won't like what we originally picked out anymore and hopefully we'll be able to afford to buy it!

Britt said...

Beautiful! I too wish Antrho would create a registry system. We didn't register for China either. Although it is beautiful, it seems like a waste of money for us personally.

Katherine said...

i totally agree with you...Anthro needs to get a wedding registry already!