Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big News for a Phi Mu Alum

Like anyone who has been in a sorority knows, it's not when you get a little sis that you know you are's when that little sister gets a little sis of her own that you know you have made a impact in someone's life...cue sorority sigh and tears.

Y'all, I may sound like I'm living in the past, but this is HUGE to me for two reasons:
1. It means my little (whom I'm shared many secrets with, meals with, and hundreds of dollars of my money on) has grown in the chapter.
2. I have a freaking legacy people! The pink rose pattern jersey lives on!!!!

All jokes and sarcasm aside (maybe not some much sarcasm as full blown truth...), I'm proud to announce that my baby fam has grown. 

And I couldn't be more proud :)

Now if only I can get that family tan, they both seem to have... 


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