Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day Five: Your Siblings

This is Michelle, my one and only lovely sister.
She is very artistic, very easy going, and what I affectionately call a "hippie turn housewife" after she got married.  

We're ten years apart, and because of the generation gap it took us some time to get close and have things in common (lets just say it's not very hip to get your first car and then have to cart around a kindergartner in it all day long). After Ava Grace was born, I practically talk to her all the time. Now when we hang out, we like to paint and create things together.

One of the neatest things I can tell you is that my parents let her name me. Long story short, my parents wanted to name me Tracey...she obvious didn't. Trusting her, they let Michelle instead grace me with the names of her two favorite singers at the time...Whitney Houston and Elvis Presley. No, my middle name isn't Elvis...(but wouldn't it be cool if it was???). His middle name is Aaron, making mine Erin. Whitney Erin has a pretty good ring to it, no?


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