Monday, March 7, 2011

"I know my calculus. You + Me = Us"

You know on Monday's I need some 90's throw back time, people. Ok, maybe it was in 2000, but that's besides the point.
Do you remember that fake boy band movie on MTV called 2ge+her?
I honestly couldn't say I thought about them until Mindy and I were talking the other night at dinner, and I admitted her blog title reminded me of their song.
Then I googled this...

Please tell me that I 'm not the only one who jammed out to this?


brynn. said...

OMG! as soon as i read the title of your blog, i immediately started singing it in my head! TOO funny :)

Lindsay said...

lol I LOVED this back in the day!!!

CMae said...

LMFAO seriously LOL how terrible are their red white and blue outfits!?!?! They are probably mortified looking back on this! LOL