Monday, March 7, 2011

March Birthdays

I always thought God had a wicked sense of humor. I mean, give me a wonderful boyfriend who is born on March 5, then give me and my baby obsessed self her first niece on March 7. You can already visualize the tangled web of birthdays I am about to present to you ever year. :)

Friday night Cory and I (with about a dozen other friends) went and lounged (literally!) at Blue Fin on those fabulous blue couches in the back to celebrate his quarter century mark. 
 The birthday boy and me
Cory wanted a picture of his birthday man meal.
Although I hated at first being in such a low key setting, because it was difficult to reach the tables and I felt as though everyone was spread out, Cory seemed to find it perfect toward the end of the night.
Bright and early on Saturday, I headed down to Jackson, MS to go see Ava Grace for her fourth Tinkerbell themed birthday party. Lets just say I walked into a room fulled of 3 dozen children dressed as pixies and pirates. Even my sister and brother-in-law took part in the festivities. Every year my sis does it big for Ava, but more importantly, she does it homemade!

My sis made everything on this cake using frosting and various candies 
for the exception of the Tinkerbell figurines she found at Target. 
 The Fairy Family. Ava's little sister, Autumn, is always ready for a picture.
Ava on the other hand rather be playing with her guests...
 I swear, she doesn't see a camera she doesn't like...
currently she is saying "CHEEEE!" whenever someone pulls one out.

No, this isn't my baby. But people sure do think is she.

I actually got a shot of the birthday girl in action. 
Trust me, when she was running around she was happy, 
when I was trying to take photos of her she was not. haha


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