Saturday, March 19, 2011


Oh geez, it's my first vlog. 
Please excuse the blinding white skin. I wanted the lighting to be natural, but sitting next to the open windows ended up doing a thing on its own. I hope you enjoy!

Items mentioned in the Vlog:
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Moroccan Oil 
Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream
MAC Cleansing Oil
MAC Fix + 

I'm hoping to do a makeup tutorial vlog, and this was my first dry run to see how it would turn out. What did y'all think?



Erica said...

Whitney! I enjoy seeing your face :) I like this vlogging and think you should keep it up and keep adding on to my expensive "need" list with things to buy hehe

Lindsay said...

You are so cute! Great job on your 1st vlog, they can be kinda scary!

I'm suuuper lazy about taking off my eye make-up...may have to check out that MAC cleansing oil!

Christin said...

You are precious!

K-Fun said...

Loved this by the way! I use Moroccan Oil too and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Keep up the vlog!

Kimberly O. said...

Omg you are adorable. I would keep doing the vlogs! You are a natural. What nail polish were you wearing in the video?