Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Inspiration

Hello world,

Hope you are having a great day and your week (whether you are starting spring break, finishing spring break, or wondering what the heck is a spring break) is beginning on the right side of the bed. Speaking of which, my normal Sunday funday didn't start off so great with losing an hour. And Memphis needs to decide on whether or not it is going to be spring. Dresses one day, boots the next...enough is enough, people!

But I digress, I love this quote from James 1:25, and this is what I will be meditating for the day:

"But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it - not forgetting what they heard, but doing it - they will be blessed in what they do."



aLiCia* said...

I agree! whats up with this weather! it's giving me a headache. If you ever want to do lunch or dinner or drinks just let me know! I'm always game :)

Elizabeth said...

As much as I love sunshine, I was quite sad to lose an hour :( But my Spring Break starts tomorrow afternoon so I can't complain! I hope your weather gets brighter! :)

{av} said...

SUCH a good verse from James! I hope you had a great week, my dear! Happy to have stumbled on your blog :) xoxo {av}