Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love Notes

There's just something romantic about the written letter.
That little something that the packrat in me can keep forever.

Figuring this will be the last Valentine's Day for Cory and me as an unwed couple, I figured we could probably splurg on writing a love letter to each other. (You hear that, Cory??)

Here are some of my paper favorites:



Erica said...

Ahh, love these! Especially the 2nd one.

Brooke Smith said...

Etsy has the cutest cards (and inexpensive). I used to send Matt one a month for a while. Cute idea. Totally worth the time and effort to have a box of tangible letters, instead of texts/emails/messages etc. Everyone should do it!! :)

Elle Sees said...

I love hand written anything. I've never received a love letter. The ones I got in junior high don't count ;)

Amelia Catherine said...

Oh I must give the butt one to Jonathan! How perfect!