Monday, January 30, 2012

Q&A Mondays

I've linked up Pretty in Pink Megan and Shasta Anne for their new Q&A Mondays.
Their blogs are two favorites of mine when I first started blogging back in the day, so go check them out.
Hope you enjoy! (maybe next week, I will find time to vlog my answers!)

1) favorite beauty product of all time
I hate to choose just one, but I would say my MAC studio fix powder. 
Makes my skin look flawless!

2) what do you use on your hair

I've used Brilliant Brunette for the better part of a decade, and I don't know why I try to use anything else.
After the shower, I comb in Moroccan Oil, and if I'm feeling it, some Aquage root booster.

3) complete skin care routine

I wish I could say I have one of those glamorous skin care routines...but to be frank, I can't exactly afford all of those miracle lotions and elixirs. 
To take my makeup off I use Neutrogena face wipes. 
If I don't have any of those, I have MAC's cleansing oil. 
But the wipes are so much easier...

4) favorite handbag

I really don't have a favorite handbag.
( I wish I could say it was a Chanel! ha )
I have such a wide collection of bags
..everything from classic, everyday black to crazy, eclectic, patterned bags...

5) one thing you would change about yourself

internally -
I wish I had more confidence to wear no makeup out in public
A huge mack truck called puberty hit me hard, so once I discovered makeup, it became hard to give up.
I wish I had longer lashes.

6) one thing you like about yourself

I'm incredibly nice to everyone I meet.
It's from been raised to treat others the way you want to be treated.
You never know what kind of day someone is having or what problems they are going through.
Now, I'm not saying that deems them to have a bad attitude to me, but I'm certainly not going to dumb down to their level.

7) most memorable outfit of all time

I know most women would go for their wedding dress on this one,
but being that I have not formally worn it yet,
I would go for the blue dress I wore on my first date with Cory.
I knew I would knock his socks off when I bought that one! ;)

8) which celeb closet you would like to raid

Emma Stone.
She has a great way of making her outfits the perfect mix of fun, vintage, and feminine.
9) describe your style in one word

10) how/why did you start blogging

I've told y'all this before, but I started blogging as purely a grade for a PR class.
It became so much more once I kept it up after graduation.  



Cortney said...

Completely agree with you on the skin care routine. There's something about Nuetrogena wipes that are addictive.

Sometimes I do go out in public without makeup on and every time, I happen to see people I haven't seen in years. Not kidding, every time. Lesson learned? Wear the makeup.

Shasta Anne said...

Your answers were great to read, you always are so genuine. I adore you for your kind heart! Thank you so very much for linking up Whitney! I hope that this link up continues to bring more of us bloggers together as a community as we get to know each other better. Have a great night!

Holly said...

I linked up thanks to you Whit :)

Love you!