Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blogs You Need to Follow

The interesting thing about blogging (besides the possiblility of meeting new people) is the ability to share with others the blogs that you love so much.

Here are some that I cannot live without:

I found this blog yesterday after a random afternoon of Pinterest surfing, and I ran across one of her hair tutorials for Victoria Secret hair. Enough said. Besides the obvious hair styling posts, she'll vlog some awesome makeup tutorials, and I love that she mixes inexpensive finds along with counter brands. I'm also rather jealous of her longggg hair.

I actually have the pleasure of knowing Candace in real life, and ever since we have met in Phi Mu, we have shared ideas about how our wedding planning would look like one day. (Yeah, we are those girls...) Since becoming engaged, Candace started a blog of all her DIY projects, dress shopping finds, and wedding ideas. Let me tell y'all, this girl has style, taste, and is always put together. And of course, I get positively giddy when a new post of her shows up on my feed. The latest one has to do with her DIY save the dates. Adorrrrable.

One of the first blogs I've ever followed, "Grits" had me hooked from day one with her southern charm, recipes, and amazing photography skills. My favorite is her Lemon Icebox Pie.

Any blogs I need to follow? Or tell me about yours! I love learning about new ones :)


Katie said...

Running From the Law is one of my favorites. She takes amazing trips, photos and tells a great story. She's pregnant, but doesn't spend a lot of the blog on baby.

Dayna Leigh said...

I changed my URL! You'll have to change it in your blog roll to read any new posts or just unfollow me and then refollow me! (that's probably the easier way :) )

cndnlson said...

You are precious! Thanks for recognizing me! I always get giddy when your new posts come up too!! As a relatively new blogger with few followers I always get excited to have more!!

Cassie said...

I checked them out and loved them! This was a great idea for a post Thanks!