Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Inspiration: Bridesmaids Dresses

I've been in enough weddings to know first hand how a pain in the rear it is to buy a bridesmaid's dress, the possibility of those diabolical dyeable shoes, the whole bit.
That's why I made it my mission in life to have my bridesmaids happy with their dresses for my wedding.
I know, I know. I can't please everyone, but come on. I rather these girls have a little insight on what they are going to be buying than just a point and purchase. I want them to feel every bit as lovely as I do on my wedding day.
Right now, I'm loving something that is either gray or coral, not strapless, and comes at the for example:

All dresses via ModCloth

I love all these choices, because of a slew of reasons:
1. They are real dresses.
2. They are flattering.
3. Lets be honest...they aren't coming with a $200 price tag. 
4. And I may or may not love all of these so much that I want to buy one myself for all of us to wear together and go frolicking around, holding hands, and sing kumbaya...too much?

I want the girls to love something as much as I do. Something that they may (say it with me) "wear again one day."

So, ladies, what did you do on your big day? Or what was your favorite dress from being a bridesmaid? Do tell ;)

(And shoutout to my buddy and bridesmaid, Erica! What do YOU think???)



Michelle P said...

These are so pretty!

Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

I LOVE them! Especially number 3. Since we had a Christmas time wedding, I had my bridesmaids all wear their fav party LBD. Crazy enough, they all picked one with a hint of lace detail so they all coordinated. They looked SO cute!

Erica said...
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megan. said...

love these! my favorite 'maids dress was by two birds. they're fantastic dresses, photographed SO well, super flattering on everyone. just pricey ($300).

Valerie Griffin said...


cndnlson said...

Excellent idea and any would be so cute and fitting for your wedding!!

Erica said...

I like the 5th one! Anything you pick will be just fine :) Just make sure it can be altered and fixed up to be half dress/half suit haha. I can't wait!

Permanent Nomad said...

love!!! these are all so pretty- annnnd wearable for another occasion. we bought from lula kate. i had each girl pick the style dress they wanted (i didn't care, just wanted it to be knee length, and wanted it to be this vibrant red color). the company is cool because you can choose what type of cut you want for the bottom half of the dress (a line, empire waist, etc) and then what cut you want for the top (sweetheart, one shoulder, halter, etc). each girl felt good because she knew what worked for her body, and yes they all wore something different, but i think it was still a 'put together' look. :)

Mrs. in Memphis said...

Great dress choices! I am loving #3! You are such a great bride to consider the price tag that comes along with the dresses! I picked a long, chiffon, one-shoulder (with a flower detail on the shoulder) black dress for my girls. They could def wear them again to a formal event or even have them chopped off at the knee to have a cocktail dress. I think they all appreciated the chiffon choice, as that was flattering on all of their body types!

Megan said...

Love the fact that you arent going in the traditional route! Working in the bridal business I see everyday how stressful it is on brides & their maids trying to find a typical maids dress!