Thursday, January 5, 2012

Perfume Collection

I would like to think that after so many bottles, you eventually have a "staple" perfume.
Here's mine along with a couple of others in my collection.

I like to call this my perfume corner.
Atop a mini cabinet that I refinished about 4 years ago, sits my "hello gorgeous" mirror (which you can figure out how that happened here), vintage stamps in a picture frame, a photo of my papaw during WWII, and my perfume collection inside a decorative pie dish.
(Ignore the random scraps of paper underneath it all...)

Here's a better look.

left to right:
 my newest favorite - it took about 6 months of testing it to finally request it for Christmas

my staple perfume - I cannot tell you how many people have asked what perfume I am wearing when I wear this one. If it ever discontinues, I will cry.
I bought these oil roll ons on sale very cheaply, and I love to wear them together and separately.

I would like to think that we all have our "old lady" scents, and this one is mine. 
Very powdery soft.

What are your favorite perfumes?



Cassie said...

I hardly ever wear perfume because it messes with my allergies so much, but when I do, I can't se to venture away from Chanel No. 5. I love that table though! And that mirror!!

Valerie Griffin said...

You're really making me want to try the Givenchy's Hot Couture!

aLiCia* said...

D&G Light Blue & Viva la juicy. I want to smell those though! Love perfume :)

buy perfumes said...

Very pretty collection I just love the beautiful perfume photos! Best collections to date!!! So usable and wonderful.

human pheromones said...

You have a nice perfume collections in here. I've never heard some of this brand and the bottle design looks lovely. :)

Eula Wyatt