Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekday Happies

Kinda like "What I Love Wednesdays"...but with my own spin of a title.

my awesome homemade gift from one awesome friend of mine,
(it's my wedding date!)

my new marathon show that I recently what that I'm 5 seasons late,

the drawing Ava Grace sent me in the mail,
She's fascinated by the mailing system now...thinks that her mailman drives 3 hours up to hand deliever it to me.
(picture is that of her favorite movie, Tangled.)

and writing thank you cards.

What's got you going this week?


Valerie Griffin said...

What a cute homemade gift! I have one like it with our date too :)

& I absolutely love The Big Bang Theory. I own every season! Sheldon is hilarious!

Erica said...

Well shadoozie. I was going to make you something just like that. Glad you posted about it so I don't do it :) haha I love it though, very cute!

Dayna Leigh said...

Gorgeous thank you cards!

When I was little, my grandmother use to put a letter in the mailbox to me handwritten from"Santa" himself! It was pure joy to get that letter every year, I tell ya!

Cassie said...

That is such a cute homemade gift! Maybe I'll get some cute gifts like that when I get engaged!?

Megan said...

love the gift and you will die laughing at BBT. Favorite show ever

Taylor Morgan said...

love the sweet drawing you were sent in the mail! so cute! how are the wedding plans coming?

Elle Sees said...

i started watching BBT in December! I've seen eps from all seasons but not every one of them yet.