Saturday, March 10, 2012

March photo of the day {4-10}

 day 4: your nightstand
it holds a few books of mine ;)

 day 5: a smile
Ava had a permanent grin on her face during her birthday party.

day 6: 5:00 pm
I made a pit stop after work to visit some of my "friends."

day 7: something you wore
Anthropologie polka dot top, J Brand denim, 
gilded herringbone TOMS, petal pusher bag, & NARS polish in orgasm 

 day 8: window
rain, rain, go away

 day 9: red
my most awesomely red read

 day 10: loud
winning the conference championship by 26 points...yeah, we were loud.


Danielle said...

Love these!! I've been reading like crazy lately. Love it!! Your blog is adorable. Newest reader!

Lindsey said...

ugh it's been raining here since yesterday. Blech, it's gross! I need to get caught up because I still need to do smile, loud and someone you talked to. AGH! I'm behind!!

Valerie Griffin said...

great pics!

i'm going to use a pic from the game for my "loud" pic too :)