Thursday, March 1, 2012

February: Photo of a Day

 {day one: a view}
my dress pattern all tied up in bows

{day two: words}
My dear momma got a new phone...
bless her heart 

{day three: hands}
The night before, I was introduced to Temple Run by two of my bridesmaids, Erica & Kristen.
Play with caution. It's addicting.

{day four: a stranger}
wrote the mystery message on my dollar bill
"wherever you are, I love you"

{day five: 10:00 am}
Spent a lazy Sunday morning with breakfast in bed and some blogging 

{day six: dinner}
breakfast dinner with veggie bacon, eggs, and waffles

{day seven: button}
I actually have quite a collection.

{day eight: sun}
no sun in sight today, but these two girls are always my sunshine :)
(side note, Autumn Marie is going to need a wig soon if her hair continues to grow that slow!)

{day nine: front door}

{day ten: self portrait}
from my first bridal show...sticker says "I'm a Southern Bride."

{day eleven: makes you happy}
Tiger Basketball always makes me happy

{day twelve: inside your closet} 

{day thirteen: blue}
Memphis weather predicted we would have such snow was ever found.

{day fourteen: heart}
My two nieces, along with some help from my sister, made me some homemade valentines.
Their hand prints form the hearts. :)

{day fifteen: phone}
my Kate Spade leopard print case

{day sixteen: something new}
sequined makeup bag

{day seventeen: time}
to grit and grind for the Memphis Grizzlies
(and we won by one point!)

{day eighteen: drink}
red on red

{day nineteen: something you hate to do}
I'll admit, I hate to exercise...but this quote keeps me going.

{day twenty: handwriting}
A little preview of my bridesmaid cards.

{day twenty-one: your fave photo of yourself}
We stuck our heads out of a moving vehicle, and just so happened to have a camera at the same time.

{day twenty-two: where you work}
Why no, that is NOT a Christmas tree topper...that is my crown.

{day twenty-three: your shoes}
I don't care what people say. These are one of my favs.

{day twenty-four: inside your bathroom cabinet}
I don't have a cabinet, but I certainly could use one...

{day twenty-five: green}
My wallet I scored for $13...pays to be nice people!

{day twenty-six: night}
It's starting to take a lot longer for night time to appear, and I love it!
Can't wait to spring forward!

{day twenty-seven: something you ate}
I thought I had dodge a bullet, but they found me...

{day twenty-eight: money}
I could have bet money on this was a complete blowout for the Tigers!

{day twenty-nine: something you're listening to}
We Are Young by fun.
I love that it's upbeat, catchy, and not playing nonstop on the radio.

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Katie said...

I have the same iphone case!!!! LOVE Kate Spade - that's half the reason I chose the iphone instead of another smart phone. For reals.

Valerie Griffin said...

great pics, whitney!

Crissy B. said...

I love all of your pictures! Just wanted to let you know I've awarded you the Sunshine Award!

Cortney said...

Love the pic of the text from your mom. Totally something my mom would do.

Kristen said...

LOVE those Toms! Just stumbled across your blog, you have a new follower! :)

Delta Daisies said...

I LOVE Temple Run! I am SO addicted.

Kristin said...

thanks for getting me hooked on temple run!!