Saturday, March 24, 2012

March photo of the day {18-24}

18. a corner of your home
this is my little perfume station near my window

19. funny
Cory and I got this made on a whim while strolling Beale Street. 
I think it's hilarious.

20. before/after
Well, more like just the before...roll it up!

21. delicious
salad for dinner :)

It was right about here that I started dropping the ball...
I think I just forgot to take a picture my kitchen sink, then I started to think...
Why would I want to take a picture of my kitchen sink?!?
And the rest of the week went downhill from there...

22. kitchen sink
I was too busy admiring my quatrefoil bracelet. Love me some quatrefoils, y'all!

23. moon
What's better than the moon? 
A mockingjay made out of shrinky dink for the Hunger Games premiere! 
(and please tell me y'all know what shrinky dinks are)

24. an animal
Now we all know that this is an animal in itself.
Last night Abita Strawberry made its debut!
Yum yum.


Valerie Griffin said...

good pics! i've done terrible with this march photo challenge :(

southernbellejm said...

Oooh, where'd you get that quatrefoil bracelet? LOVES!

Kristin said...

strawberry beer?? yes pls!!