Thursday, March 8, 2012

springin' forward

Around this time of year I get in a real coral kick.
I just think it looks lovely and refreshing on all skin tones, 
but especially for someone who is currently sporting a winter white complexion like myself.

NARS blush in Orgasm
Luce & Alati leather bag
Essie nailpolish in Coral Reef
NARS nailpolish in Arabesque
NARS lipgloss in Turkish Delight
Benefit Coralista blush


Michelle P said...

I love coral too, that purse is cute!

Valerie Griffin said...

lovely :)

Lindsey said...

Coralista is my blush!! I absolutely love it!

southernbellejm said...

ME TOO!!!!

Permanent Nomad said...

yay i love coralista!! hope you enjoy it too!!

sarah elizabeth monroe said...

Coral is my weakness. I could buy everything and anything in it.

Delta Daisies said...

love that handbag!