Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday's Weekday Happies

 I've been rereading The Hunger Games on my Nook before the movie comes out.
It's been my main buddy on the elliptical machine this week.

And even though I love my Nook, I still went out and purchased a hard cover for my collection
 (& after seeing several bloggers rave over this book).
No matter where technology takes us, I will always adore the feeling and smell of real pages.

 Downton Abbey has me feeling all romantic and wishing I had an English accent.
I watch the first season on a lazy Sunday, and I am now hooked.
Not since Reading Rainbow have I been this addicted to a PBS show!

I received another handmade love note sent from my nieces 
(who love glitter almost as much as I do)

March Madness is near, and I have my fresh bracket ready to go.
Go Tigers Go!!
(And Valerie, you were right! We will be joining the Big East in 2013! ;) )

 AlthoughI haven't busted out my sandals from storage, 
I did go ahead and give myself a pedicure with OPI's That's Berry Daring.
What has you happy this week?



Valerie Griffin said...

SO excited for all the games this weekend! :) GO TIGERS!

& i lovvvve Downton Abby! I'm ready for the second season to get to Netflix!

Just the Three of Us said...
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Katie said...

I love my Nook, but I definitely am still addicted to real books! That was Hubby's b-day gift to me, letting me pick out a bunch of books from B&N. When I told him I wanted to go there he's said "OH, you meant you want REAL books?!?" Heck yes!

Jill @ ACharmedLife said...

omg i am obsessed with hunger games and CAN'T WAIT til next week! love that nail polish you picked out :)