Monday, March 12, 2012

This Weekend

 I visited the one of a kind Mollie Fontaine's Lounge.
This antebellum home is located right across the street from where I'll be getting married,
and was actually built as a wedding present for their daughter.

While dining on cocktails and red velvet and believing I was transported back to the prohibition era,
 I listened to the bartender tell ghost stories of how Mollie's spirit still inhabits her home. 

Apparently there is even a suicide note left from Mollie herself.
 Creepy stuff, people.
Creepy stuff.

This year the CUSA Conference Championship was hosted in Memphis,
and what started as me attending only the first game turned into me watching Memphis take it all the way home.
And we ending up winning by a whooping 26 points.
After the big win, my bff, Jenna, and I grab some lunch at Huey's.

Come next year, Memphis will officially be in the Big East. 
I'm so happy that we could leave our former conference as number one. :)

And to end on a lazy Sunday, I baked myself a half dozen banana bread muffins
since I had a few ripe bananas laying around.
They were gooood.


Valerie Griffin said...

great pics! GO TIGERS! but, i don't think we are playing the Big East until the 13-14 season :(

Kristin said...

banana muffins!! i want one!!