Saturday, February 4, 2012

the color run

I hung up my running shoes a long time ago.
Varsity high school soccer? Check and done.
Since then there are very few things that make me this enthusiactic toward digging my shoes out.
Until I found this.

Insert the color run coming to Nashville on October 20th.

Count me in.
Who's with me?


Valerie Griffin said...

Whitney, I'm with you! This would be too fun! :)

Delta Daisies said...

omg! me, too! We should ALL do it!

Permanent Nomad said...

That's awesome!! I want in!!

CMae said...

This just happened LAST weekend here in Tempe, AZ. I didn't know it was happening so soon otherwise I totally would of ran in it!

molliejon said...

Definitely doing that this October in Nashville! (: I can't wait!

K-Fun said...

OMG! I'm totally in!!! Let's DO THIS! :-)

Megan said...

that looks like so much fun!

Mrs. M said...