Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So Cory finally returned home from a two week job assignment in Alabama...
Just to be called in to work on Valentine's Day...
(FFCS, you. can. suck. it.)

So it looks like Cory and I will be celebrating this weekend, which is fine by me.
I love the holiday, but I hate all the crowds and fixed menus.
In the meantime, I've thought about picking him up a treat from Muddy's for when he gets home.

Don't these Valentine's Voodoo dolls look delish?
And I doubt you need another proud aunt moment brought to you by Ava and Autumn Marie,
but here ya go.

Ava assing out her homemade valentines
(suckers turned flowers by making hearts hole punched for petals and set in a little "grass garden")

I mean, who wouldn't want to receive a Valentine from these two?!?

And here are my homemade valentine's they sent me in the mail yesterday.


Autumn Marie's

I'm one lucky gal ;)
Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!!!



Valerie Griffin said...

Love your sweet homemade cards for the girls! :)

Hope you are Cory have a great time celebrating this weekend! :)

Lindsey said...

I think you should get the voodoo cookies and I'm the same way with my nephew. I am sure people are sick of me talking about him, but oh well. Happy Valentine's day to you and your boo!! Let me know what you think of the face wash if you try it :)