Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a little tease

I guess since I cannot show you my actual wedding dress, I could, however, give you the one is was up against.  

Y'all I loved everything about this dress. 
It's simplicity, it's beaded empire waist, and it even had POCKETS.
If you know anything about me and dresses, I love me some pockets. 

It was when my awesome consultant, Debbie, suggested I take one last look that I found my dress.
Trust me, I tried each one about four times apiece. 
I went back and forth on which one was more me.

But ultimately the random dress won out. 
I felt more like a bride in the second one.
Cannot wait to show y'all!



CMae said...

who's the designer of this runner up dress?

Kelly said...

Debbie was my consultant at Low's too!! Loved her!

Britt said...

This dress is beautiful. I can't wait to see the winner!