Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day DIY: roundup

I may just attempt to perfect one or all of these by this weekend for my lovebug Cory.

create a brass Valentine from Camille Styles

learn to make my own stamps via Design Sponge

or you can be like me and whip up your favorite breakfast via The Color Issue
(you know to get to the heart, you must first go through the stomach!)

Want a more savory option?

How about a egg in a hole heart via Martha Stewart?


Kristin said...

Those strawberry pancakes look delish!! I might have to do that!

Valerie Griffin said...

Oh I may attempt those pancakes! Thanks for the inspiration!

★ JASMINE ★ said...

awh! the heart and egg... so adorable!

gonna have to try that for the hubby!

hugs, xo!

Taylor Morgan said...

So cute! Love all of these!

Cortney said...

Love the homemade stamps. Definitely do a post about it if you make them:) How neat!

Amelia Catherine said...

Definitely doing the egg in a heart! Jonathan will love that! :) I'm going to be making a DIY scratch off valentine. You can find instructions here!

Too easy!!