Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

 Thanks to following @NARSissist on twitter, I signed up for a free sample from one of my favorite companies.

My sweet momma picked me up some cute ballet flats.
She said she thought of me due to the Memphis blue. :) 

And speaking of's the latest video in the Stuff ______ Says phenomenon.
Stuff Memphians Say
I was asked by my friend, Molly, yesterday to do some digging for a cute messenger/laptop bag.
I found this one that she and I ended up both loving.

 My future MIL introduced me to a new a need another one!
Any of you watch it?
It's insane...

And today marks the first day of Lent!
"All are from dust, and to dust all return."
Ecclesiastes 3:20


Erica said...

LOVE that bag! I may have to get me one ;)

Valerie Griffin said...

cute bag! and i love those Memphis blue flats :)

Kristin said...

what a nice mamma you have!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Oh that bag is so cute! Good taste!
And that is so sweet of your Mom to pick those up for you :)
"This reminded me of you" gifts are the best!


alovelylittleblog said...

thanks for the heads up about nars assist!! going to follow them right now!! also I'm obsessed with that bag too!!!! loving your blog, and ps. you're gorgeous!

Permanent Nomad said...

pretty blue shoes!! what will you be wearing for wedding shoes? something blue or will you go a more traditional route?

Mommy in Manhattan said...

love those ballet flats! Cute blog!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love that laptop bag--so chic!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Nice eye on choosing that laptop bag - it is oh so cute! I'm thinking now of my utilitarian black Swiss Army laptop bag I use for work ... it could certainly use a replacement :)

Crissy B. said...

I adore those blue flats! And I meant to DVR The River, but forgot. I haven't started watching it yet. Is it scary? The previews looked like it was!