Thursday, December 15, 2011

Girls' Night: Ornament Swap (and why I hate Dirty Santa)

I may sound like a grinch for saying this, but I hate Christmas parties where they play Dirty Santa (also know by a classier name of "White Elephant").
Maybe it's the fact that I always get a crappy dollar store gift.
Maybe it could be that I'm just not a big fan of the term "dirty santa."
Or maybe it's just I'm still bummed over the fact that someone stole my choice of W.W.J.D. bracelets from my fifth grade dirty santa.
Oh come one, you know those bracelets were legit...

Well, to say the least, I had a momentary flashback of losing my Jesus bracelets when Rebecca invited me to her Ornament Swap.
But let me tell you, this chick had a wonderful night planned that did not have a faint nod to the ye ole dirty santa.

We had dinner and drinks at The Beauty Shop of Memphis. This little gem is actually a throwback to the mid-century beauty parlor it used to be. Hence the name.

If you are ever in the midtown Memphis area, I would suggest you check it out.
And unlike dirty santa, we drew names off a little tree to give away our ornaments. When you drew a girl's name, you got their wrapped ornament.
Ok, so I accidentally wrapped my mercury glass ornament before taking a picture of it.
Lets just say, I wanted to keep it.

All and all, I cannot tell you enough how much fun I had last night. I walked in knowing only two women there, and walked out with four more friends.

Does anyone dislike Dirty Santa as much as me?


Valerie Griffin said...

I used to be SO obsessed with WWJD bracelets! Oh the memories!

Cassie said...

I dislike it too!!!!!! I thought I was the only one! We are playing it at Christmas this year with all the women in my family and I dread it!!!

Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

Aww, I wish you had gotten a pic! I LOVE mercury glass! Your wrapping is super cute though.

Permanent Nomad said...

Ok I had to google dirty santa and let's just say it's right next to dirty sanchez which is a term I alllllso didn't know (and now wish I still didn't know!). ANYWAY! I've played dirty santa but we call it Gee, That's a Shame. I like it except for when people don't stick to the rules (needs to be of a certain value, not gender specific). One time I ended up with some (used) folk cds when I brought a gift worth $50!!!!

Courtney said...

Oh, girl I hate it too! I'm always afraid I'll get the crappy gift and have to act like I really like it!

Christin said...

Sounds fun! And I love the Beauty Shop :)

Anonymous said...

Just went to a party tonight where we played dirty Santa and I lost a gift I really loved. I'm really upset and probably will remember this every Christmas. :/ not a good game to get in the holiday spirit!!