Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Going "Buck"

No, not crazy.
I'm showing some love to the "wallflowers" in my Naked Palette.
Wallflowers meaning I rarely use these shades.

As you can see, Buck doesn't get much love.

Well, until I started layering it on and discovered that it's a pretty awesome tawny brown shade.
I'm glad, because as you can see, I need to give my trusty Sidecar and Smog a break.

As a side note, my coworker just introduced me to this.
Fresh's Sugar Lips lip polish and balm

Holy smokes, this sugar scrub has been the answer to my dry lips' prayers.
And the balm feels like buttahhhhh.
The balm also comes in both tinted and clear, but as you can see in my previous photo, it doesn't make much of a color change. 



Michelle P said...

I need to try the sugar scrub!

Katie said...

I seriously need a make-up lesson..yours puts mine to shame!!

Permanent Nomad said...

LOVE your eye makeup pic!! i need to give smog a rest too. poor smog.

alicia said...

Buck looks amazing on you! use it more often ;)

Summer-Raye said...

yes i love this. XO

Kendra said...

I'll have to get some of that lip balm. my lips are so crackly these days.