Friday, December 30, 2011

This Weekend: What are ya doing on New Year's Eve?

Woah, a year flown by! I would have loved to do one of those "year in review" type posts, but um...I'm lazy.

Besides the only thing I can remember most about this year was Cory popping the big question. Listen, I've had a great year, but when your bf of nearly six years gets down on one knee, it kinda blows everything else out of the water. :)

I finally posted pictures on my facebook page...which i cleverly titled "well, hot damn, it happened."

 We have yet to master the perfect "ring pose"

As far as NYE plans go, I have none. 
 And this is what I read when I see all those silly NYE party posters...

Although I wouldn't be surprised if Cory calls me last minute to throw on a shiny dress and head downtown.
That's just how he likes to roll.

But for me, I rather just lounge in my pajamas, sing along to Zooey D., and stick with some DIY glittery nails. 

OPI's Rainbow Connection via A Pop of Color
Besides black eye peas and collard greens, what plans do y'all have to ring in the new year?



Michelle P said...

I wish Zooey and him would just get together already! They are too cute.

Steph said...

A 2011 engagement can only mean one thing...a big 2012 wedding! Hope the next year brings you and your Cory lots of love and happiness!

Dayna Leigh said...

Still so excited for your engagement! Make sure to post updates on the planning!

cndnlson said...

I think engagements are the huge topic for 2011! Still so excited for you two! Michael and I are heading to Nashville for something different for New Years....personally, I can't wait till we have a cute house of our own and I can host a New Year's Eve party myself! Until then...looks like we are going out on the town. haha

SouthernBelleJM said...

I'm still over the moon excited for you!

Btw, totally love the Naked palette. Wished I wouldn't have waited so long to get it.

Dinner soon?

And your NYE poster cracked me up. Spent many NYEs when I was younger where one if not all of those things happened at once. Haha:) NYE is overrated!

candace said...
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Permanent Nomad said...

you guys look great! and i think you've perfected the ring pose!! hope you had a great new year's!

Ana Magdalena said...

I love that nail polish. scratch that, I want it.

Happy New Year!